Special Events

Project Homeless Connect

Coordinated by the Boone County Basic Needs Coalition, Project Homeless Connect is a biannual event which seeks to connect Columbia’s homeless population with a variety of resources. Those who attended received services such as haircuts, housing information, and vision screenings. Family Impact Center housed programs, MedZou and the Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic, provided on-the-spot medical examinations and mental health assessments.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Jenny Flatt at flattj@missouri.edu


Boone County Back to School Health Fair


Coordinated by the Family Impact Center, Voluntary Action Center, and Family Health Center, the Back to School Health Fair provides local children grades K-12 with resources to be ready for the new school year. Students attending the event are connected with resources such as free school supplies, backpacks, vision and hearing screenings, and haircuts.

If you are interested in donating school supplies, please contact Jenny Flatt at flattj@missouri.edu for more information.

Back to School Health Fair Collection List